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We think it’s important to go through a discovery session to have a clear vision of your goals and help you layout unique opportunities to get there. After the session, you will receive recommendations and detailed steps we can take to start attracting and connecting with your French customers.



Here are 3 options to jumpstart your marketing in the right direction. We only create contents French people can relate to, using popular and trendy phrases and visuals.


Jeune Créateur Pack

Here we offer a full social media management service which includes:

-your FR account(s) set up

-creation of posts and Stories

-captions copywriting

-visuals curation

-monthly reports

-many other options (influencer marketing, paid ads campaigns …)

Prêt-à-Porter Pack

We don’t translate words, we translate your values. We offer content creation services which include:

-strategy development

-creation of original contents in French following your brand guidelines

-localization from English to French

-proofreading of French written contents to correct spelling and grammar

-applicable to printed and digital copies such as emails, website pages, banners, ebooks, customer-care policies, ad campaigns, social media captions, product descriptions, blog articles, product reviews…

Haute Couture Pack

Here we offer bespoke services to help you level up your brand :

-strategy development

-Influencer marketing campaign in France

-Emailing campaign in French

-Local Marketing management

-Pop Up Store & event in Paris (we only work with experts)